July 24, 2015 11:18 AM

Jessica Sample

Four years ago when Judy Greer moved in with her now-husband, producer Dean Johnsen, and his two kids, she knew a few changes needed to be made.

“The house was beautiful, but it kind of had man vibes,” the Jurassic World star, 40, tells PEOPLE. “I worked with the designers at Rubbish Interiors in Silverlake; it didn’t take much to add a little bit of softness to the house.”

Greer added vintage pieces to the four-bedroom Thousand Oaks space to make it feel more like home to her.

“I really like things that are old and that have a story, even if I don’t know what that story is,” she says. “My husband bought everything new, and all the furniture at my house was vintage and old.” So she transferred some of that personal taste to her new abode. “That’s what made [this house] feel like mine – the big old lamps and the wallpaper and the more antique-y pieces.”

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Jessica Sample

When it came to redecorating, Greer wanted to invest in furniture and décor that she truly loved.

“I tried to buy things that I like, not just that will work in the space,” she says. “Our goal is to have pieces forever, not just for a little while.”

The actress mixed a palette of earthy tones — blues, oranges and pink — in her master bedroom to create an ‘eclectic, vintage chic’ space.

“I really like things to have texture and color,” says Greer. “I was always afraid of color until I started working with my designers, and they’ve cured me of that. If you look at my bedroom, you will see!”

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Jessica Sample

While each room has its own distinctive personality, there is one theme present throughout: a collection of Planet of the Apes–related items. (Not only did Greer star in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, she also had an Apes-themed wedding!)

Her sprawling backyard features a giant statue of The Lawgiver, as well as chimp cocktail tables, while her living room showcases framed foreign movie posters advertising the film.

“They were supposed to be sort of a temporary thing until we found art that we really loved,” Greer says of the posters, “but I think I really love this stuff!”

–Gabrielle Olya

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