By peoplestaff225
Updated August 07, 2014 05:24 PM

You guys, here’s the deal: There’s a new video out, and Jude Law is dancing in it. We’re talking fancy footwork, kick-ball-change, he’s-so-ready-for-Broadway dancing.

We feel like we really could just end the story here — because, hello, Jude Law is dancing and you need to see right now! — but for journalistic purposes, we’ll tell you some backstory.

The Grand Hotel Budapest actor co-stars with Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini in the short film “The Gentleman’s Wager,” a new ad for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. (The whiskey company has taken a page from the Chipotle playbook by creating at masterful short that, aside from a few carefully placed bottles and glasses, barely references the product it’s meant to hawk.)

The video opens with Law in a navy blazer over crisp yachting whites, looking every bit the suave millionaire dude we assume he’s supposed to be playing. Confession: He had us from the beginning with his oh-so-dramatic declaration, “I don’t want to buy it with money, I want to win it — with a dance.”

The “it” in Law’s proclamation refers to the pristine 1928 yacht the two men are sitting on, which Giannini replies is “rarer than rare, there’s nothing like it in the world.” As the boat bobs gently in the Caribbean, the two men shake on their bet.

Though we might have come for Law’s suave banter, we stayed for his fancy footwork. In just six minutes, the film twists and turns from the wish-we-were-there British Virgin Islands backdrop to a dark London alley. The show-stopping final performance, which features playful jazz music, a twenties-style dance ensemble and plenty of adorable moves by Law, is well worth a watch.

One thing is certain: Sherlock Holmes will never be the same for us again.

—Lexi Dwyer