By Marquaysa Battle
May 17, 2016 05:51 PM

Josh Groban just may have the visual for his next multi-platinum album cover, and it’ll be his yummiest one yet!

The singer visited the UK events center, Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, and was presented with a portrait of himself made entirely of pizza, created by Nathan Wyburn — an artist who obviously favors pepperonis as much as paintbrushes.

“Who’s hungry????” he captioned an Instagram pic of the pie. “Thanks @nathanwyburnart for my pizza portait!” Wyburn also took to social media to show off him with Groban and the pizza, captioning “Ah so this just happened!”

He isn’t the first (and likely not the last) celebrity to find his face on food art by Wyburn. The artist has used pizza to create famous faces like Uma Thurmanfrom her Pulp Fiction cover, Elsa from Frozen and even Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Wyburn doesn’t restrict his artistic diet to just pizza. He created Donald Trumpwith nachos, tortillas and salsa, Adele with ketchup and a pop art collage of Vincent van Gogh using toast.

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Hmm…wonder who he’ll make his next edible masterpiece for?