Jon Bon Jovi's Wine Was Just Named the Best Rosé of 2018

The singer's vino joined the list of Top 100 Wines by Wine Spectator.


Cheers to Jon Bon Jovi!

The singer’s wine, Hampton Water, which he developed with his son Jesse Bongiovi and French winemaker Gerard Bertrand, was recently named the top-ranked rosé of 2018 by Wine Spectator.

The vino grabbed the 83rd spot on the list of Top 100 Wines, which only included one other rosé besides Hampton Water. It earned a 90-point rating by the niche magazine after making its debut just earlier this year.

“It’s an incredible honor to be on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2018, let alone ranked as the top rosé,” Bon Jovi said in a statement. “It’s a true testament to all of our hard work and I could not be more proud to share our excitement for, and love of, Hampton Water with people all over the world.”

Hampton Water is described as a “fresh and lively rosé, with distinctive minerality” and is currently available in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, DC, Florida, Illinois and Nevada — or online for $25 a bottle.


In February, Jesse told PEOPLE about how they came up with the name for their wine.

“It was one of those late nights out on our porch in the Hamptons,” Jesse said at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. “My dad came over to me and asked ‘Do you want some more pink juice?’—which is what we used to call rosè. I told him ‘No, no, no, we call it Hampton water now.’ We just thought it was pretty funny.”

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For Bon Jovi, embarking on this venture meant serious business.

“At first I thought, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah,’” he said. “But then I realized it was actually a good idea and a great name. I pride myself on having done a lot of unique marketing things over the years, whether it was the arena football team or the Soul Kitchen restaurant. I don’t do things haphazardly, but Jesse has always been very serious about everything he’s ever done.”

The two spent a lot of time at Gérard Bertrand vineyard in the South of France, tasting wines until they landed on the perfect version.

“When you’re in a band, you always say it’s like a family. But when you’re really working with your family, it’s totally different,” added Bon Jovi. “We walk into meetings together and I go, ‘Wow, it’s Mini-Me.’ He’s thinking the way I’m thinking. It’s been a dream.”

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