Jordan Rodgers Finally Tries Escargot in Paris as a Honeymoon Request from Wife JoJo Fletcher

The Bachelorette stars JoJo and Jordan wed on May 14 in Santa Ynez, California

Jordan Rodgers is already living up to his marriage promises to JoJo Fletcher!

After a six-year engagement and two pandemic postponements, The Bachelorette stars tied the knot in May and went on a dreamy European honeymoon. Fletcher told PEOPLE in May that she had one non-negotiable request when they visit Paris on the second leg of their trip: Rodgers has to try escargot. On Monday, Fletcher revealed he finally fulfilled her ask!

In an Instagram post, she posted a selfie of the newlyweds in front of the Eiffel Tower at sunset, along with a photo and video of Rodgers eating the French delicacy. "When in Paris… @jrodgers11 🐌😂," she captioned the post.

In the video, the couple is dining al fresco as Rodgers de-shells his escargot with special utensils. "Go for it," Fletcher says as Rodgers hesitates to put his fork in his mouth.

"And…?" Fletcher asks as he finally goes for the taste.

"It's not bad," Rodgers says, smiling after completing his wife's wish.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers on their honeymoon
JoJo Fletcher Instagram

Fletcher uses the opportunity to show off her three Ring Concierge wedding bands in the video as she gives her new husband a hand squeeze — clearly proud of the gastronomic accomplishment.

It seems like Rodgers even enjoyed the cooked snails, adding, "It tastes like garlic." Fletcher closes the video by panning to five escargot on the plate. With Rodgers' raving review, he may have even gone back for more off camera.

In May, Fletcher told PEOPLE that "Jordan has refused to ever try escargot."

"But he told me once that if we were in Paris and could see the Eiffel Tower, he would have escargot with me. I don't even really like it that much, but it's the fact that I want him to try it with me — and now we're going to Paris on our honeymoon," she said of the now-complete honeymoon bucket list item.

While Rodgers isn't a picky eater, Fletcher said he's "funny with textures" and "will put up a fight" when it comes to trying the French food. "He always says, 'Why would I eat a snail when I could pick it up out of my garden?'" she laughed.

Ultimately, the taste test was a success. The real estate developer's Instagram post is the first glimpse of their honeymoon that she's posted to her feed.

For the first leg of their trip, the reality stars explored Greece. Before the romantic vacation, Fletcher told PEOPLE she was excited to experience a new place with Rodgers since the honeymoon marks their first European visit together and the first time either of them have been to each country.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers eating escargot on their honeymoon
JoJo Fletcher Instagram

"It would be one thing if one person had been [to Greece or Paris] and they already had certain memories," Fletcher said. "But because this is a new memory for both of us, I think that's pretty special."

The Bachelorette stars wed on May 14 at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California. The intimate reception featured an outdoor Italian dinner complete with a show-stopping cake.

The all-white, five-tier cake by Bodega Bake Shop was red velvet flavored and accented with delicate pink and purple flowers. The one catch was that guests didn't actually eat the massive confection.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers eating escargot on their honeymoon
JoJo Fletcher Instagram

"For the dessert, we're actually not doing the traditional cut the cake and pass. We are having the chef do his own spin on the desserts," Fletcher, 31, told PEOPLE ahead of the big day.

However, the happy couple still got to try the stunning dessert. "We'll still do a cake cutting but it won't be what we pass the guests," she said.

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