VIDEO: John Oliver Really Doesn't Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Jonh Oliver

If the pumpkin spice latte isn’t your cup of tea — er, coffee — you’re not alone. John Oliver is not impressed with the cult fall beverage either.

“It’s that special time of year where we voluntarily imbibe pumpkin spice lattes, the coffee that tastes like a candle,” the Last Week Tonight host said on Sunday. “And I don’t mean it tastes like a candle smells. Pumpkin spice lattes taste like a candle tastes.”

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Oliver tries to get to the bottom of why Americans crave pumpkin spice, and are so willing to consume the flavor — no matter how authentic it may or may not be.

“We tolerate pumpkin spice because we like the fall,” Oliver said. “It’s the best season because you get to stop thinking about how weird your legs look in shorts.”

According to Oliver, each American eats more than five pounds of pumpkin per year — a shocking fact, he says, as nobody wants anything to do with the gourd from December to August.

“Pumpkin spice foods, inexplicably, seem to grow more omnipresent every year, even though there’s no actual pumpkin in the drinks,” he said. “I personally, for instance, would rather drink a cable neck sweater latte.”

As you’ll see in the video above, the host concluded his heated tirade with a decisive break from the fall flavor, once and for all. “I will be subject to its tyranny no longer!”

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—Morgan Gibson


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