"I learned that just because it fits in a bowl and soaks up milk doesn't mean it's good to eat it," the musician posted on Instagram

By Jessica Fecteau
January 08, 2018 03:05 PM

John Mayer may be taking a break from eating Oreos for the foreseeable future.

While most people dunk their chocolate cookies in milk, the musician had other plans on Sunday night. Mayer, 40, took to Instagram to show off his epic cereal creation which involved dumping six bags of mini Oreos into a bowl then topping it off with almond milk.

“We start working out Tuesday,” Mayer captioned a shot of his bowl. “Until then we burn this motherf—er down.”

Bennett Raglin/Getty

He then posted a photo of the empty bags with the caption, “You do the math.”

John Mayer/Instagram

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John Mayer/Instagram

Although it looked delicious, Mayer followed up with a post regretting his decision to eat 66g of sugar.

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“NOTICE I have an upset stomach,” he wrote. “Yes, I know it’s from the mini Oreos. I’ve learned a lot from putting cookies in milk. I learned that just because it fits in a bowl and soaks up milk doesn’t mean it’s good to eat it.”

John Mayer/Instagram

Mayer previously created a similar snack with chopped up leftover holiday cookies — but has since learned a valuable life lesson: “Cookie Crisp is specially engineered not to be cookies, but to be cereal. I know it now.”