John Legend Says Wine Is a Part of His 'Creative Process' in the Studio: 'There Is a Connection'

John Legend's LVE Wines is incorporated into his Las Vegas residency, Love in Las Vegas, and is “very integrated in everything we do,” says the singer, who recently partnered up with LG Signature

john legend
Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images for LG SIGNATURE

Wine has always been an important part of John Legend's musical process, and now, music is an important part of his winemaking experience.

The 12-time Grammy winner recently spoke to PEOPLE about the partnership between his LVE Wines and LG Signature, wife Chrissy Teigen's favorite recipe of his, and their children's sweet gift-giving tradition.

Legend, 43 — who kicked off his Las Vegas residency, Love in Las Vegas, in April — launched LVE Wines, a Napa Valley wine line with Raymond Vineyards, in 2015.

"I wanted to create my own wine and collaborate with a great winemaker," the musician tells PEOPLE. "We found Jean-Charles Boisset through family friends and when we were introduced we just hit it off."

Music was a necessary part of winemaking, according to Legend. "We blended together [at Raymond Vineyards] and I played many songs there. I always feel like music and wine should be integrated, even in our creative process."

john legend
John Sciulli/Getty Images for LG SIGNATURE

But wine is also an important element of his songwriting and recording process. "We'll drink while we are at my studio. I think there is a connection and a mutual inspiration to be had between the wine and the music," says the father of two.

"My fans have always told me that my music and wine go great together and I agree," he adds. "We wanted to make that connection more explicit."

The connection is very clear at Legend's Love in Las Vegas shows and other concerts which offer special packages that provide LVE Wines to fans. "It's very integrated into everything we do," says Legend.

When Legend isn't working on his music or wine collection, he and Teigen, 36, look forward to hosting friends and family members. "We love to cook and we love to host people," says the singer, who adds that his wife has one particular favorite dish that he makes. "Chrissy loves when I make fried chicken. We had a screening at our house for her new docuseries The Way Down and that morning she was like, 'John, can you make fried chicken for everyone?'"

Teigen and Legend's children, Miles, 3, and Luna, 6, are too young to cook like their parents but they show their affection in other ways. "They love to make cards," says Legend. "Luna is all about a project, any painting, drawing or art, and she loves making cards for us. She just made one for me this morning that said, 'Hey, have a safe trip to Napa.'"

Legend is a brand ambassador for LG and, as a wine lover and maker, he is a natural partner for the LG Signature Wine Cellar. "When LG approached me about working with them on the LG Signature launch we thought it would be a great collaboration with LVE," he says.

Plus, the EGOT's wine brand teamed up with LG Signature to create a limited-edition LVE Wines 2018 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon. Only 300 bottles were made and are exclusively available for LG Signature VIP customers and those purchasing the wine cellar.

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