November 09, 2015 10:53 AM

Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

Definition of a good husband: Someone who will make you jalapeño potato chip tuna casserole when you’re feeling under the weather.

John Legend meets that definition perfectly. On Sunday night, Chrissy Teigen posted an Instagram picture of her husband in their kitchen, getting down to business with some shredded cheese and jalapeño chips.

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“John making my jalapeño chip topped tuna casserole for Sunday dinner! Not feeling great 😩 thank u for taking over the kitchen, papa!” Teigen captioned the photo. We can only imagine (/hope desperately) that this casserole recipe makes it into Teigen’s cookbook.

Legend’s final product is pretty spectacular. (We’re happy to see that a green pea made it in there. Balance is everything.)

In October, the supermodel and singer announced they are expecting their first child, who we already envy for all the delicious snacks s/he will be exposed to. In the meantime, we’ll keep salivating over Teigen’s Instagram.

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—Maria Yagoda

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