On Friday's episode of Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, the cookbook author and designer's sister Mikey stops by for lunch

Joanna Gaines does what's she's gotta do to craft the perfect panini.

In an exclusive clip from Friday's episode of Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, the cookbook author and home design guru shows off the unconventional way that she makes paninis by using bricks to flatten them out.

In the clip, above, Gaines begins creating the first of two delicious paninis to prepare for a visit from her sister Mikey. Later in the episode, she also makes tomato basil soup and oatmeal cream pie cookies. (You can get all the recipes on magnolia.com.)

For the first panini, Gaines adds two to three slices of turkey to the bread before she places some jarred red peppers in between the meat and the cheese.

Turkey & Red Peppers Brick Paninis, as seen on Magnolia Table, Season 2.
Credit: Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Adding provolone next, which Gaines says will be "super melty and cheesy," the television star then places the final piece of ciabatta atop the sandwich, before she starts to craft another delicious-looking panini.

For the second recipe, Gaines uses sourdough bread and pimiento cheese. Then she throws some bacon into the mix, as she quips, "Can you ever have too much bacon?"

Host Joanna Gaines, as seen on Magnolia Table, Season 2.
Credit: Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Heading over to let the sandwiches cook, Gaines places each one down on the griddle before she explains that she likes to have each food item situated there for "two to three minutes on each side."

Pimento & Bacon Brick Panini, as seen on Magnolia Table, Season 2.
Credit: Courtesy of Magnolia Network

"And this is where the bricks come in," the mother of five adds, stepping aside to grab a clean tray topped with three red farmhouse bricks. "Maybe season 3 we can afford a panini maker," she jokes. "But this season, we're stuck with bricks."

For those questioning her method, Gaines dares them to be as creative in the kitchen: "I'd like to see what you come up with in your kitchen, those of you that are judging me right now for my red farm bricks."

Gaines recently celebrated her lunch guest and little sister, whose full name is Mary Kay McCall, on Instagram after Mikey reached her dream of opening her own retro plant shop, dubbed Ferny's.

joanna gaines
Credit: Joanna Gaines/Instagram

"A couple things I love so much...my baby sis and watching someone pursue what makes them come alive. So you can imagine how I'm feeling today as these two things come together!!!" the Fixer Upper star captioned the post.

"Mikey has had this dream for years and with six kids and the busyness of life, she's waited patiently to step out and pursue this creative and quiet stirring in her heart," Gaines continued. "But today she's going for it!"