Joanna Gaines Shares the Recipe for One of Her 'Favorite' Breakfast Dishes at Magnolia Table

The former Fixer Upper star says this French Toast Crunch is "hands down one of my favorite things on the menu at our restaurant."

Magnolia Network Joanna Gaines
Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Network

Joanna Gaines is back in the kitchen for the second season of Magnolia Table, and she's sharing a sweet recipe to start the day.

The former Fixer Upper star, 42, showed how to make the French Toast Crunch from the restaurant she owns with her husband Chip, 46, in their hometown of Waco, Texas. The dish consists of "rich French toast coated in a housemade caramel cornflake crunch with fresh whipped cream and strawberries," according to the Magnolia Table menu.

To make it at home, Joanna dips thick slices of brioche in a custard made of eggs, heavy cream and vanilla, then presses them into a mixture of caramel-coated cornflakes before cooking on a hot cast-iron griddle (the full recipe is on the Magnolia website.)

"The French Toast Crunch on this episode is hands down one of my favorite things on the menu at our restaurant," Joanna wrote in an Instagram post teasing the episode. "I can't wait for you to try it yourself!"

Joanna Gaines French Toast Crunch
Courtesy of Magnolia Network

The Gaines' Magnolia Table restaurant, which specializes in breakfast and brunch dishes, first opened in 2018, and has drawn customers from across the country since.

"Chip is the breakfast guy in the family," Joanna says in the clip from the episode while assembling the French Toast Crunch. "I'll never forget, we were all in a meeting at Magnolia and Chip walks in and is like, 'Guys, we're gonna do a restaurant.'"


"He says I ruined it though when I made it all pretty, he wanted it a little bit more like a dive," she jokes. "He says I made it fancy the second I added avocado toast to the menu."

Joanna's Magnolia Table show, which was recently picked up for two more seasons after a successful first season, is currently available for streaming on discovery+.

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