Joanna Gaines Teaches Kids Duke and Emmie How to Make Some of Her Favorite Korean Dishes

On Friday's episode of Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, the trio gets silly with a rolling pin while making red bean mochi

Joanna Gaines has some very special guests joining her in the kitchen.

In an exclusive clip from Friday's episode of Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, the 43-year-old cookbook author and designer gets some help from son Duke, 16, and daughter Emmie, 11, in creating several Korean dishes she enjoyed as a child.

The entire fifth episode is an homage to their Korean heritage (Joanna is Korean on her mother's side and Caucasian on her father's) — and throughout the show, Joanna and her mom, Nan, share stories and family-favorite dishes like bulgogi, cucumber kimchi salad, and red bean mochi. (Get the full recipes on

In the clip above, Joanna and the kids kick things off with the mochi, which is a traditional rice cake that can be made sweet or savory. Joanna, who shares her five kids with husband Chip, instructs Emmie to scatter corn starch across the table as the first step in creating her mother's famous dish.

"That keeps it from being too sticky," she tells Emmie. "So pretend like you're doing her makeup, so get this whole thing covered."

As Joanna readies the dough, she tells Emmie that she "can be as messy as she wants." The mother-daughter duo then combines the dough and corn starch together. "It looks so pretty," says Emmie.

Host <a href="" data-inlink="true">Joanna Gaines</a>, as seen on Magnolia Table, Season 2
Joanna Gaines with daughter Emmie and son Duke. Courtesy Magnolia Network
Mom’s Bulgogi with Cucumber Kimchi Salad, as seen on Magnolia Table, Season 2
Courtesy Magnolia Network

Duke, meanwhile, helps out by chopping up hot dogs into small pieces to add to a side dish of hot dogs and rice. "Duke, those look good. This is the perfect size so they all cook evenly," Joanna tells her teenage son.

Next, the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home star uses a rolling pin to smack the mochi dough — while jokingly yelling, "Look away kids!" — in order to make the mochi "as elastic as possible."

"You gotta work this dough really good," she tells Emmie as she rolls out the dough.

Joanna then gives Emmie the rolling pin to smack the dough herself. "Think about all the homework and stuff that you have and beat it!" says Joanna.

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Joanna Gaines</a> and her mom, Nan Stevens
Joanna Gaines and her mom, Nan Stevens. Amy Neunsinger

As Emmie happily swings away at the dough, Joanna asks her daughter what her least favorite subject is in school as some motivation to aggressively carry out the task. "Math," Emmie says with a smile.

Duke is up next to hit the dough — and admits to his mother that he "doesn't really like school in general." "So then just think about school!" Joanna says.

Earlier this year, Joanna spoke out about the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States.

"I remember as a little girl being out with my mom and seeing how in a moment, a person's harsh look or an underhanded comment would attempt to belittle her rich story and her beautiful culture," she wrote on Instagram. "We can't take lightly the power that our words and actions carry. The world needs who we were ALL made to be and all the amazing and beautiful differences we each bring with us. Maybe if we say it enough, it will ring true and become the message that softens even the hardest of hearts."

Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines is available to stream on discovery+.

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