"This year we decided not to do it because kids have suffered enough," the late-night host said of the prank

It was all trick and no treat for these kids.

This year, Jimmy Kimmel decided to skip his annual "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" YouTube challenge — because, let's be real, this year has been tough on everyone.

"This year we decided not to do it because kids have suffered enough," the Jimmy Kimmel Live host said of the prank. Despite the cancellation of the challenge, parents still decided to play the trick on their unsuspecting kids. The video compilation featured 13 clips of parents telling their children that they "accidentally" ate all of their Halloween candy — and the results were hilarious as usual.

Jimmy Kimmel
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel/ Instagram

Most of the children were pretty upset about the news of their candy (who wouldn't be?) but some reactions were over-the-top. In one of the clips, a little girl slams her pink candy bucket on the table before putting it on her head and crying.

In another clip, a little boy blames Jimmy Kimmel for the madness. "I want Joe Biden to kick him in the face," he says through tears.

Jimmy Kimmel
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel/ Instagram

Of course, there were other children who had much more mellow and understanding responses. Holding back tears, one toddler told her parents, "it's okay...hug" before hugging it out.

Another boy caught onto the trick almost immediately. "You did not eat all my Halloween candy and I already know that because you do it every year," he told his dad. "Get toasted boy!"

Watch the full video above or on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! YouTube channel.