The late-night host goes step-by-step through his signature dish while at home with his family.

Jimmy Kimmel could be switching roles from late-night talk show host to chef.

One week after the comedian appeared on the at-home edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he revealed what he’s been cooking for his kids, Kimmel upheld his promise to share one of his famous recipes with a step-by-step video of how to prepare it.

“By request, this is my recipe for Pasta Tina, it’s one of few things my kids eat,” Kimmel said, referring to his son Billy, 2, and daughter Jane, 5, who he shares with wife and videographer of the clip, Molly McNearney. In his Instagram caption, he added that he cooks it “almost every day.”

The dish contains just six ingredients: pasta, a can of cannellini beans, chicken or vegetable base, olive oil, garlic, and freshly-grated parmesan cheese.

The name is one that his kids made up and it derives from pastina, a tiny type of pasta that is often served to babies and small children.

Kimmel shared that instead of using the pastina, he now uses “a bigger pasta,” which in this case was cavatappi.

After boiling the water for the pasta, Kimmel got started on the Pasta Tina sauce.

The comedian uses pureed cannellini beans to make a healthier version of a creamy sauce. Using a handheld blender, Kimmel blended the beans together.

Jimmy Fallon pasta
Credit: Jimmy Fallon/ Instagram

“Now that I’ve blended these, the children won’t know that they’re eating beans,” he said—until his daughter Jane piped up in the background that she heard Kimmel reveal the secret.

Next, Kimmel put the pasta in the boiling water and put three cloves of crushed garlic to mix with the sauce.

Jimmy Fallon
Credit: Jimmy Fallon/ Instagram,

“There are no good recipes that do not contain garlic,” he noted.

The 52-year-old then heated the garlic in olive oil on the stove until it was “nice and golden”, then removed it and added in the bean mixture and a spoonful of chicken base “to give it flavor.”

Jimmy Fallon pasta
Credit: Jimmy Fallon/ Instagram

After mixing together the pasta and sauce, the final step, and “maybe the most important part, is serving it with parmesan cheese.”

Jimmy Fallon pasta
Credit: Jimmy Fallon/ Instagram

The father of two noted that “good parmesan cheese is very important” and not to use the kind from a shaker — which he claimed is “closer to sawdust than parmesan cheese.”

When he’s not making it for the kids, Kimmel said he will “occasionally puree an egg and add it to the hot mixture so it has a little something extra protein wise.”

At the end of the clip, the comedian brought out the dish to his two children.

The verdict?

“It’s good,” according to Jane.