Some kids got a few more tricks than treats this Halloween, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host’s fourth annual “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” prank reel is back and — in our opinion — better than ever.

From fat tears to quiet nods of understanding to outright temper tantrums (which even include some bleeped-out NSFW language!), this year’s reactions from kids when their parents tell them they ate every single piece of their Halloween candy were all LOL-worthy. “All of it? Every single bite? You must have a belly ache,” one boy sweetly responded after his mom told him she depleted all of his sweet stash.

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One of our favorite kids comes at the 1:25 mark — he deals with his frustration by opening every single kitchen drawer, including the faux cabinets underneath the sink. Once he’s barricaded himself, the pajama-clad kid snarls up at his parents, “Get out.”

The Most Adorable award goes to the little girl at the 1:50 mark, who cutely responds to the news with a few giggles followed by, “We’ll get some more next time.”

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—Morgan Gibson