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Updated December 08, 2020 01:39 PM

If Jimmy Kimmel learned one thing during his recent trip to Austin, it’s how to eat like a Texan.

As part of the annual South by Southwest festival, Kimmel hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! from Austin last week and, as one does while in the Lone Star State, feasted on an enormous amount of food.

“I think Texas may have broken my stomach,” the late-night host said on Monday night.

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Kimmel said he gained 9 lbs. during his eight-day stint in Austin: “Even my yoga pants don’t fit me anymore.”

To prove just how much he consumed, Kimmel showed the audience a giant collage of all the food photos that he and sidekick Guillermo took of their meals while in Texas. The “Wall of Food” features 36 different photos of everything from tacos and pizza to brisket — one of Guillermo’s favorites — and a whole pig’s head.

“Let’s play like a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ to see if you can spot a vegetable in the whole thing,” Kimmel joked. “The takeaway here is we’re lucky to be alive right now, we really are.”

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—Morgan Gibson, @morgangibson