October 20, 2017 02:50 PM


Jimmy Kimmel is back in Brooklyn, and he’s taking the city one bagel at a time.

The Brooklyn native brought Jimmy Kimmel Live! to the borough’s Academy of Music this week with fellow New Yorkers as guests like Amy Schumer, Billy Joel, David Letterman, and Tracy Morgan. In between filming for the show—which kicked off with an epic welcome party—the 49-year-old host has been enjoying the diverse eats, courtesy of his famous friends.

Stars like Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Ripa, and Seth Meyers welcomed Kimmel back to the Big Apple by sending local treats, all of which he’s been showing off on his Instagram.

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He first posted a photo on set enjoying Bergen Bagels, a Brooklyn-based bagel shop, sent to him by Fallon. “Thank you to @JimmyFallon & #FallonTonight for the real Brooklyn bagels,” Kimmel wrote. “@IamGuillermo struggles with cream cheese.”

He next posted a shot biting into a sandwich from Landi’s Pork Storea family-run neighborhood Italian deli and meat store known for their famous rice balls. “Thanks to @LandisBklynPorkStore for helping get my body into winter shape,” he wrote.

“Ah, Brooklyn…so many great sandwiches, so little time. Thanks for lunch @Mekelburgs” he wrote with the craft beer and specialty food shop’s porchetta and Italian sandwiches in each hand.

Kelly Ripa sent her love in the form of sweets from Orwasher’s Bakery, a quintessential Jewish-style Manhattan bakery.

“When a Michelin-starred chef sends you donuts, you eat six of them,” Kimmel followed up, holding up the variety of treats from Wylie Dufresne’s Williamsburg shop Du’s Donuts.

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Seth Meyers then mocked Kimmel’s eating adventure by sending him a pie from pizza chain Sbarro with a note that read, “Enjoy a slice of New York’s finest!”

“You are a nut @SethMeyers,” Kimmel replied. “I’ll save this pie for the flight home.”

Kimmel then moved the pizza conversation to Twitter. “It’s still here @sethmeyers and fully intact,” Kimmel posted. “I’m saving it for a special occasion.”

Momofuku’s David Chang also sent one of his restaurant’s specialties over — its fried chicken sandwich. “Thanks for lunch @DavidChang & @MomoLongPlay – I ate this sandwich in just under four seconds,” Kimmel wrote.

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