September 30, 2014 12:14 PM

Courtesy Starbucks

Have you ever fallen victim to the horrific spelling errors of a coffee shop barista? Jimmy Kimmel clearly has.

In honor of National Coffee Day on Monday, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host pitted three coffee makers against each other to find out if they really know how to spell customers’ names.

“You know at one point or another, most everyone who drinks it has had the misfortune of having their name spelled wrong on a coffee cup,” Kimmel said. “I have a friend named Joe whose name they spelled wrong — they spelled it Jo. And not only is his name Joe, they call coffee ‘joe.'” It’s the one name you should know how to spell.”

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So, how did the challengers fare?

The three competitors — all pulled from different coffee shops around the studio’s neighborhood — were first given softball names like Michael and Phyllis, before moving on to trickier ones, like Björk and Liberace.

Things looked promising until the third round: Names like Jake Gyllenhaal, Zach Galifianakis and  Game of Thrones‘s Khaleesi threw the baristas into a mangled-name spiral. 

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—Morgan Gibson


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