Jimmy Fallon Makes a Summer Salad with His 'Amazing' Daughters: 'Best Thing I've Ever Tasted'

The late-night talk show host gets help from his daughters as he makes chef Jacques Pépin’s fruit salad

Jimmy Fallon and daughters, Celeb Foodies Gallery
Photo: Jimmy Fallon/TikTok

Jimmy Fallon is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

On Sunday, The Tonight Show host, 47, shared a TikTok video of him and his daughters — Winnie Rose, 8, and Frances Cole, 7 — making a recipe from French chef Jacques Pépin.

"Made some Jacques Pepin summer fruit salad with some amazing sous chefs," he captioned the clip.

In the video, the comedian introduces the recipe and asks his daughters if they are going to help him in the kitchen. Winnie is happy to join her dad while Frances initially refuses.

"Basically, you get those two packets of blueberries that you buy at the store, one packet of raspberries," he says. "I also got pomegranates that are already in the thing."

Winnie then adds the pomegranates to the bowl with the raspberries and blueberries. However, not everything goes to plan as Fallon mistakenly purchased sugar packets instead of a regular box of sugar.

"I got sugar but I got sugar packets by mistake but also we're renting so I figure this will be good for the renters. Whatever they have left they can use for their coffee, teas [or] whatever. You guys want to do that?" he asks his daughters before they begin transferring the sugar into a measuring cup.

He adds, "No, no. Don't eat it. Just put in the [measuring cup]. A quarter cup to half a cup of sugar."

The late-night talk show host then jokes that it's time to use an underutilized kitchen gadget.

"Use this grater that you bought once and never used. Take it and start grating the lemon so this should work," he says. "You keep grating the lemon as much as you can."

"I want to grate the lemon," Winnie says.

"This is very dangerous. Don't do it this way. And then you just smack on there," Fallon says. "And dump it out. Doesn't it smell lemon-y already?"

Frances also tries her hand at grating the lemon before her dad adds freshly-squeezed lemon juice and mint leaves to the salad.

"If there's any blood in here," Fallon teases, "you know, [it] shows how much work we put into it, you know?"

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He adds, "You want to make sure there is enough lemon juice in there that the sugar will dissolve."

Fallon also advises his daughters to not overwork the combination. "Don't mush it. You don't want to crush the raspberries," he says.

After his daughters leave the kitchen, Fallon does a taste test of the recipe and gives his seal of approval. "There it is. Your fresh blueberry, raspberry, mint, lemon, pomegranate summer salad," he says. "That's the best thing I ever tasted in my life. My head is gonna blow off."

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