By peoplestaff225
Updated September 19, 2013 10:51 AM

If you’ve been doing more sitting than sweating lately (yeah, same here), it’s time to start working out.

The Biggest Loser star and personal trainer—who will be leading workout sessions at Sweat AC, a health and fitness event in Atlantic City, N.J. this weekend—tells how to psych yourself into good shape. And stay there!

How can someone who really wants to get in shape take that first step?

“Start with identifying the reasons that you want to be fit and how your life will improve. This is the lasting motivation that will drive you toward the finish line of any goal.”

What motivates you?

“It ranges from skinny jeans to meeting my future grandchildren.”

Is it okay to rely on a workout buddy or trainer for inspiration?

“A workout buddy or trainer is a great tool in any fitness regimen, but ultimately lasting motivation comes from within.”

What do you say to people who insist they have no time to exercise?

“If I have the time with two kids, a company to run and a TV show, anyone can find the time to work out!”

What can you do if exercise boredom sets in?

“Again, it comes down to goals. Being healthy improves every facet of your life from your sex life to your family life. Put things in perspective and remind yourself: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Is there a link between being physically fit and having more self-confidence?

“A person who is fit and strong physically tends to be stronger in every facet of their lives—fitness improves body image, supplies a sense of accomplishment and gives people a better resilience to tolerate the failures and setbacks.”

Why do exercise and eating right go hand in hand?

“To burn fat, you have to eat less energy (a.k.a. calories) than you consume in a day. Read labels and get a calorie counting app.”

You’ve been called “America’s toughest trainer.” Do you agree?

“I don’t know that I am ‘the toughest trainer.’ I’m a trainer that simply cares about people getting results. Sometimes it requires tough and sometimes it requires love. I do whatever it takes!”

—Nancy Mattia