JetBlue Is Upgrading Their Planes to Feel More Like Your Living Room

New JetBlue interior

If you want your travel experience to be kind of like sitting on the couch at home, JetBlue is making further strides to make that dream come true.

The company announced that it will be completely revamping all of its Airbus A320 cabins in the realm of both comfort and in-flight entertainment. In addition to adding 12 new seats per plane (yet still claiming to maintain “the most legroom in coach” versus other airlines), they are adding reclinable head rests, a “patented comfort suspension system,” and LED cabin lighting.

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Perhaps more importantly, though, is the addition of gate-to-gate WiFi — meaning we no longer have to wait to get to 10,000 ft. to rot our brains on social media — and upgraded HD TVs, nearly doubling in size from 5.6-in. to 10-in. Additionally, the sets will offer over 100 live DirectTV channels and 300 Movies On Demand titles (a big change from the previous 36 channels and 3 movies on continuous loop).

Another bonus? Each seat will have a power outlet with a USB connection, so you’ll never arrive at your destination with a dead phone again.

“Our customers don’t want to switch off when they take off,” the company’s VP of brand and product development Jamie Perry said in a statement. “Flying JetBlue is more and more like being in your own home.”

Excited about making stylish new travel plans? You’re gonna have to wait — the redesign is starting in 2017 with a projected completion in 2019.

Shay Spence, @chezspence

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