Jet Black Ice Cream Is Officially a Thing We Need to Eat


After months of having been inundated with rainbow bagels, lattes and grilled cheese sandwiches, food lovers are now being treated to something a lot less, um, vibrant.

Say hello to the colorful trend's darker counterpart: black ice cream, courtesy of Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream in New York City. The popular ice cream shop in downtown Manhattan premiered a new Coconut Ash ice cream flavor.

The shop's owner, Nick Morgenstern, tells Mic the color is achieved using — you guessed it — coconut ash, a form of activated charcoal that most recently became a go-to ingredient in everything from juices, toothpaste, pizza and cocktails.

“I had been monkeying around with coconut ash for a while and then I had this fancy chocolate bar that used coconut ash,” he told the site, adding that “food-grade coconut ash is difficult to find,” which prompted the ice cream connoisseur to source the ingredient from a health food site. “I knew I had to use it. We wanted to put a coconut ice cream on the menu and it all came together.”

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The treat's main ingredient is accompanied by coconut flakes, coconut cream and coconut milk that yields a super rich coconut flavor. Although the coconut ash ice cream is said to temporarily dye mouths inky black, it's a small price to pay to experience a new trend — that isn't ROYGBIV-inspired.

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Morgenstern's coconut ash ice cream is available at the New York City shop starting today.

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