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November 24, 2016 08:14 AM

When it comes to Thanksgiving, country star and foodie Jessie James Decker has some tips for making the day a little less stressful. 

The mom-of-two, who teamed up with Target to decorate their New Jersey home (leaving us all wanting a Turkey Day invite), tells PEOPLE it’s okay to cut corners where it doesn’t make a huge difference.

“You can buy a frozen pie. You don’t have to make a pie,” Decker, 28, says. “There are things you can do to just make it easier so you can enjoy yourself too.” 

She notes the key to making shortcuts look luxe is the presentation to guests.

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“You can take out a bag of pretzels and put it on the table and have people dig in with their hands, or you can put them in a beautiful white bowl and it just looks so much more appealing and adds a nice little touch,” she says.

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“I’d say don’t get stressed out or overwhelmed,” she continues. “It’s really good to prepare the night before and get things ready to go so you can just pop ’em in the oven the next day.”

But at the end of the day, Decker says Thanksgiving should be “all about having fun.”

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