How Jessica Simpson Got Her Toned Legs

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She’s got legs and she knows how to use them!

Ever since Jessica Simpson revealed her svelte post-baby body, there is one feature in particular that seems to get the most attention from the newlywed.

So we had to ask: How did she get her gorgeous gams?

“We alternate exercises every third day,” says Teri Ann Krefting, Simpson’s trainer who works for Harley Pasternak, PEOPLE’s resident health and fitness blogger. “So we’ll do squats and lunges one day for quadriceps, deadlifts or glute raises to tighten the butt and hamstrings the next day, and then plie squats, which are good for inner thighs.”

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Simpson’s four to five times a week circuit training schedule is also supplemented with at least an hour of cardio. “She walks on an incline, which helps her calves” says Krefting. “And she’s obviously genetically gift with those legs!”

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Even though the fashion mogul has incredible “work ethic and dedication” Krefting says Simpson is still shocked by her her toned legs. “Jessica is so lean so you can really see the definition pop. We workout in front of a mirror and she is still surprised every time she sees it!”

And becoming Mrs. Johnson has helped in making sure she’s healthy and fit. Says Krefting: “She’s happy in a new marriage and with her kids so she has a good relationship with food, diet and exercise.”

—Michelle Ward


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