Jessica Biel Eats in the Shower and Thinks You Should Too


As an actress, restaurant owner, wife and mother, Jessica Biel is clearly no stranger to the art of multi-tasking — even when it comes to taking a shower.

On Friday, Biel took to her Instagram to show off a picture of an empty plate, fork, and cup of joe sitting on the ledge of her shower. “Yes. I eat in the shower,” she captioned the shot. “I admit it.”

And just exactly what was she eating, you ask? Maybe just a tasteful snack? A handful of almonds or a square of dark chocolate, perhaps? No. She really went for it: “Chicken apple sausage and espresso.”

Eating specialty, probably Whole Foods-brand artisan sausages while showering is such an aggressive move that one may be inclined to disbelieve it: She staged that clean plate on that ledge, you might say. However, we do detect minor grease residue, which is consistent with her claim of the leaner poultry sausage.

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And not only is the former 7th Heaven star revealing this major element of her lifestyle, but she’s advocating we all adopt it as well. “Try it. I dare you,” she ominously ends her message. Challenge accepted.

On a final note, the tile in that shower is totally gorgeous and it appears to have the perfect amount of water pressure.

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