Jessica Biel Says Her Restaurant Is 'Definitely Not Making Money'...Yet

Jessica Biel is the first to admit that the restaurant business is “way harder than being a producer.”

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night, the actress gave an update on the success of her first restaurant venture, Au Fudge.

“[We’re] definitely not making money,” shares Biel. “Nobody’s making money in the restaurant business, in my experience, at least not yet.”

The restaurant opened in West Hollywood over the summer, and Biel says she created it for moms and families who want to go have a safe, delicious, thoughtfully-sourced meal. Biel is mom to Silas, who will turn 2 in April.

“My friend group, my friends who had kids before I did, wanted to go hang out with them, but they were stuck going to Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday parties. Or, they had kids and they didn’t have a babysitter,” Biel says. “What do you do, where do you go?”

Biel’s son with Justin Timberlake has taste-approved Au Fudge’s kid-friendly items. “Last time we were in, he was chowing down on the chicken nuggets. He really likes the French fries, and he’s a big fan of the mac and cheese. And the cauliflower purée was a big hit. So I think we’re doing OK.”

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Kimmel says he also has visited the West Hollywood restaurant along with his 2-year-old daughter, Jane.

“You walk in the restaurant and they check your kid like a coat,” Kimmel says of Biel’s family-friendly restaurant. Indeed, visitors relinquish their kids to au pairs who are “younger and cuter than you,” Biel quips.

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The 120- to 130-seat restaurant is set up with areas where kids can do art projects and other activities, L.A. chef Vic Casanova shared with PEOPLE prior to the opening.

So what does Kimmel think? “It’s a very good idea. Chuck E. Cheese’s is my vision of hell.”

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