March 28, 2016 03:18 PM

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Jessica Alba looked incredible in a bikini on a recent Hawaiian family getaway – and that’s thanks to her dedicated fitness routine.

The actress loves taking group exercise classes, and is a big fan of hot yoga and spinning.

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Alba gets her hot yoga fix with classes at Beverly Hills’ Hot 8 Yoga.

“She takes a lot of early morning classes,” a classmate at the yoga studio tells PEOPLE. “She’s always working hard and participates fully in the class.”

The mom-of-two especially loves the yoga sculpt class taught by instructor Cornelius Jones Jr. For these classes, the studio is kept at 98 to 104 degrees, and Jones Jr. leads the class through a mix of yoga and high-intensity interval style training with weights.

Got my pops @markdalba to #hotyogasculpt this AM w @corneliusjonesjr 💨💦💪🏽🙏🏼

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“The heat is there to help with detoxification of the body, flushing out the kidneys, and detoxing the mind as well,” Jones Jr. tells PEOPLE. “When you start to sweat, you start to mentally detox and purify the body. The heat also enhances the practice, to help you get deeper into postures, it helps you warm up the muscles more, which is important, especially with sculpt.”

Alba is a fan of both the mental and physical aspects of the class.

“She loves the meditative portion in the beginning, and then the weights bring a lot of physical strength,” says Jones Jr. “We start to work those finer muscles. This defines the muscles and gets you more lean, more cut and more defined.”

Jones Jr.’s class focuses a lot on core strength, especially on toning the lower transverse abdominis.

“A lot of ladies love that, especially ladies who have had babies, because the the lower abs is where that pooch can lie,” he explains. “Jessica loves working those lower transverse abdominis.”

When she’s in L.A., Alba visits the studio for hour-long sessions two to three times a week.

“She’s an avid yogi,” says Jones Jr. “She really loves that she can go in and get her mind centered and body balanced, while also getting her body toned and fit. She has an active life – she has two girls and she’s always on the road, so it helps her to stay balanced physically and mentally.”

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Alba also burns serious calories during spin classes at Soul Cycle and Cycle House, where she often takes classes with Hollywood Cycle instructor Nichelle Hines.

Got it in this AM w @spingalnichelle 💦💨🚴🏾 #cyclehousela

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“I love taking classes, because I’m surrounded by other people and that keeps me motivated and accountable,” she told Shape in May.

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