September 17, 2014 05:39 PM

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Were there Wahlburgers at Jenny McCarthy‘s wedding?

The comedian caught up with PEOPLE on Tuesday night to answer the question on every New Kids on the Block fan’s mind. Though McCarthy, 41, said she didn’t serve up her inlaws’ signature burgers, she did honor hubby Donnie Wahlberg with the reception’s surf ‘n’ turf menu after they tied the knot in St. Charles, Illinois, on Aug. 31

“We did want to do a little Boston meets Chicago, so we had lobster and filet mignon on every plate,” McCarthy said at The Skylark in New York City for the launch of Courvoisier’s Exceptional Journey campaign event. “We got the best of both worlds.”

The Dirty, Sexy, Funny SiriusXm radio host also dished on her six-tiered, white buttercream wedding cake, which was created by All Chocolate Kitchen and decorated with 145 sugar roses.

General manager Esther Roby told PEOPLE the romantic red roses — which matched McCarthy’s bouquet — could be brought home as keepsakes for the guests. But apparently, the edible flowers were just too tasty to resist.

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“I think people ate them!” McCarthy said. “I couldn’t decide whether I wanted real ones, but the chef that we had, he wins awards, and he happens to be in my neighborhood, but he does these sugar sculptures that are phenomenal. So I think between people taking them home with them and eating them, they’re gone.”

Still, McCarthy and Wahlberg made sure to save a bit for themselves: “Of course, it’s in our freezer right now, waiting to be eaten on our first anniversary.”

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As for those coveted red roses, the TV personality gushed about Roby’s detailed technique.

“He literally hand-made the roses in this candy texture. They were all almost like handblown glass, but it was red sugar candy,” she explained. “It was unbelievable, so that all draped down onto the table of real red roses, so it was absolutely stunning.”

—Michele Corriston, with additional reporting by Caryn Midler

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