Jennifer Lopez Says Nightly Family Dinners with Alex Rodriguez and Kids Have Been 'a Huge Blessing'

"The blessing of quarantine for us was having dinner with the kids every night, for months and months," Jennifer Lopez tells PEOPLE

Gather 'round the Lopez-Rodriguez table.

Like many Americans, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been able to find at least one silver lining during an otherwise challenging time due to the coronavirus pandemic. For them, it's been getting to enjoy more family dinners.

The singer-dancer-actress spoke to PEOPLE recently while promoting her new partnership with Yoplait, and said that before quarantine, meals with their whole crew — Rodriguez's daughters Natasha, 15, and Ella, 12, and her 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme — weren't all that frequent.

″That's been a huge blessing for us during this time,″ says Lopez, 51, of their now-nightly dinners. ″Because Alex and I have both separately and now together lived a gypsy-type life, as both of our careers require tons of travel. The blessing of the quarantine for us was having dinner with the kids every night, for months and months.″

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″I don't think that would've ever happened,″ she continues, ″and probably reminded us how much we need to do that more.″

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Lopez hopes to continue their new routine even when things ″get back to normal,″ she says. ″The truth is, those moments are the ones that matter the most."

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As for what's on their family table, it's no surprise that the superstar tries to keep it healthy. ″We try not to overdo it on the sweets and the salts and the sugars and the carbs,″ she says.

Lopez tries to set a good example by sticking to her healthy eating habits, though she admits there were some times that it was ″really challenging″ not to overindulge. ″It was about kind of trying to find a balance, of indulging myself and comforting myself,″ she says. ″But at the same time, staying on my program and being ready."

One thing that kept her on track was finding new ways to stay active with the kids — whether it was family workouts in the backyard, going on long bike rides, or learning new dances on Instagram and TikTok. That's why she decided to partner with Yoplait to encourage families to get up and learn the choreography to her new song ″Pa Ti″ — and it's all for a good cause, too.

For everyone who participates in the ″Yoplaitime Challenge" and posts a video to Instagram Reels with the hashtag #YoplaitimeDonation, the yogurt company will donate $1 to Feeding America, up to a maximum of $300,000.

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″We don't have super set routines," Lopez says of life during social distancing. "I think we just try to do things that we can do together as a family. One of them is doing dances online, on their socials, they love when we do dances with them. They make fun of us, they make fun of Alex. And they have a lot of fun."

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