The actress is showing off her impeccable baking skills.

Jennifer Garner has shown off her impeccable baking skills for Jimmy Kimmel.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, the actress surprised the host and his crew with her famous blueberry buckle cake.

After Lena Dunham had previously raved about the dessert, Garner said that she absolutely had to make the soft, sponge-like confection for the show’s crew. Back in May, Dunham, who is the co-creator and a costar with Garner of the upcoming HBO series Camping, gave the pastry a seven-star rating “out of seven.”

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“I’m not going to give it a great review just because it was made by a Hollywood star,” Dunham said before a taking a bite. “Holy s—. It’s so good. It’s so f—— good.”

Lena Dunham Jennifer Garner CakeCredit: Lena Dunham/Instagram
Credit: Lena Dunham/Instagram

On the show, Kimmel was in disbelief that Garner had baked the cake herself. “You didn’t pick it up at a place on the way in?” he asked the actress. “Oh my God. It was really, really good!”

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

From granola bars to chocolate pudding to scratch-made bagels, Garner has shown off her moves in the kitchen on her “Pretend Cooking Show” on Facebook.

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“This blueberry buckle tradition goes back to Charleston, West Virginia when I worked in a men’s [clothing] store and at the end of the summer, I would make blueberry buckle for all the tailors and all the people who worked there,” Garner said laughing during the segment on Wednesday. She also said that she made the cake for her costars on Alias.

While Garner hasn’t revealed her exact recipe, it’s safe to say she probably got at least a little inspiration from her friend Ina Garten—so you might want to try out the Barefoot Contessa’s take on the classic dessert if you’re feeling hungry.