It's Jennifer Garner versus homemade bagels, and she's not going down without a fight

By Stephanie Petit
February 26, 2018 11:04 AM

It’s Jennifer Garner versus homemade bagels, and she’s not going down without a fight.

After the 45-year-old actress decided to tackle the breakfast staple on her “Pretend Cooking Show” series over Christmas and they all ended up in a trash can, she was determined to try the bagel recipe again.

In a Facebook video entitled “The Bagel Chronicles, Take 2” posted Saturday, Garner brings fans back into her kitchen as she meticulously measures and mixes the ingredients. After the dough has risen overnight, the pajama-clad star rolls them into discs and seems confident that her experiment is going well.

On day three, she boils the bagels and puts them in the oven for a final bake.

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“This is what I would say about making bagels: the amount you proof them the last time is the most important thing,” the mother of three advises. “If you under-proof them, they’ll sink when you start to boil them. If you over-proof them, then you get the Jennifer Garner special, kind of a flat bagel, kind of a pancake-y bagel.”

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner/Facebook

Although Garner does a happy dance and declares her creation “so good” after taking a bite, she doesn’t feel that she’s completely mastered bagels.

“I’m 90% there (hmmm…84%

😬?), but now we have a quest on our hands and there is No. Going. Back. (I promise the recipe will come once I get it right.),” she captioned the video, adding the hashtags #notaprettybaker #notaprettybagel #theyweredelicious #apparentlysayingproofmakesyoucool#dontjudgemepaulhollywood #pretendcookingshow.

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Garner has been sharing her cooking triumphs and fails with fans in a series of Facebook and Instagram posts recently. Her first episode was in the style of Ina Garten, who Garner credits for showing her around the kitchen.

“Three years ago @inagarten cooked for me on my birthday…today is her 70th birthday and if I was able to cook for her, it would only be because she taught me (and the rest of America) how,” she posted on a throwback photo with the chef earlier this month. “Thank you and happy birthday, Ina. Xx”