Jennifer Garner Puts on a 'Pretend Cooking Show' in the Style of Ina Garten

The actress shows how to make the utterly adorable "bread men" that her kids love.

Supermom-of-three Jennifer Garner just shared a family tradition with the internet—and also revealed her love for Ina Garten.

The actress took to Facebook to show off her baking skills in a step-by-step video (above) titled “Pretend Cooking Show”, making Garten’s honey white bread recipe—and while doing so, she got gushy.

“I’m not an expert but if you want to make your family happy over and over again this is one recipe that if you get it down, you can do anything with it. And it’s by Ina. Love you Ina!” says Garner before kissing her copy of the Food Network star’s cookbook Barefoot Contessa at Home.

The actress also shares that the dough has become a family tradition, and is super multi-functional.

“Here’s what I love about this dough—you can do anything with it. My mom made bread men for my sisters and me when we were little and they were our favorite things ever,” she says. “So that’s one, cinnamon bread—everybody loves it, that’s two, and then a plain old loaf of honey white bread, thats three.”


Garner shows off the utterly adorable and tradition-worthy “bread men” in her tutorial.

“The thing I love about making bread men with half your dough is they are ready right away,” says the actress. “And they remind me of my mom. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what you’re doing, these could not be less perfect but my kids will love them!”

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At the end, Garner asks her cooking idol for advice on a potential next video. “I tried to do an Ina! What should I do next Ina Garten?” she says.

We can only hope there will be more!

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