Jay Z Launches New Champagne That Costs Over $125 Per Glass

Jay Z Ace of Spades Champagne

Jay Z‘s got a (bubbly) new product hitting the market, and it comes at a hefty price.

Last November, the mogul purchased the Armand de Brignac champagne brand, taking control of one of France’s oldest (established 1763) and smallest (a staff of 8) houses.

According to Bloomberg, the brand will begin delivering its first new products since Jay Z took over starting in October, including an all-pinot Blanc de Noir Ace of Spades in a gunmetal bottle.

And the price tag? About $760 per bottle. Estimating that you can get six decent-sized pours out of that, that comes in around $125 per glass.

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While it’s not the most expensive champagne in the world (that distinction is held by diamond-encrusted Goût de Diamants), it comes in over 3 times as high as the brand’s current signature Ace of Spades bottle, which go for about $250 each.

The new blend, the firm suggests, “pairs well with especially powerful or spicy dishes, game, beef, duck, cheese, and caviar.” (You might also add second mortgages.)

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If, however, you prefer as Beyoncé does in the “Feeling Myself” video to splash your Ace of Spades about lavishly, you may want to hurry and pre-order, because plans call for a limited bling-status-enhancing release of only 3,000 bottles.

For the budget-minded, consider the less expensive Demi-Sec, a pinot/chardonnay blend that will hit shelves at a mere $359.99 per bottle.

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—Peter Mikelbank

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