"It's smooth and a little smoky too. It's really got a good flavor to it," JasonAldean tells PEOPLE exclusively

Their friendship has taken them from chart-topping songs to international tours, and now Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are raising a glass to their newest collaboration.

On Friday, the country music stars and best friends exclusively announced to PEOPLE that they have partnered to launch a new straight bourbon whiskey — Wolf Moon Bourbon.

The inspiration for their new project was aptly sparked over a glass of their favorite drink, Aldean tells PEOPLE.

“After a show — we toured together for a year or so, maybe a little longer — and after the shows, we’d all go back in the dressing rooms. It’s the best part of the night,” he says. “You just played your show and hopefully sent everyone home happy and it’s our time to get to relax and unwind a little bit and hang out with your friends and have a drink.”

It was during one of those nights that the three decided to bottle their own stuff.

Whiskey Lovers' Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line Collaborate to Launch New Wolf Moon Bourbon
Credit: John Shearer

The “pack” (as Aldean calls them) first got together thanks to a mutual booking agent, and they have since become as close as family.

“So my booking agent was working with them and wanted me to meet those guys so he brought them backstage after one of my shows. They were just walking around my dressing room and I was looking like, ‘Who the hell are these guys?’ ” Aldean tells PEOPLE with a laugh.

“But long story short, I got introduced to them. We started hanging out and ended up taking them on tour with me. They’ve written some songs for me — some of my biggest songs over the years, those guys have collaborated on and written together,” he adds. “It’s turned into a really cool friendship… Our wives became friends and it just became like a family thing.”

Kelley, 34, and Hubbard, 33, recall how they “struck an immediate friendship” with Aldean while the trio went on their first tour together in 2014, telling PEOPLE that their bond has only grown stronger since then.

“Jason is kind, supportive and the type of guy you know that will always have your back. He’s family to us,” add the musical duo.

Jason Aldean, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Now the “Can’t Hide Red” singers are excited to share a piece of that friendship with their fans, having created an 80-proof bourbon with a unique taste that they all collaborated on.

“We put it up against a lot of other bourbons. We wanted to put it up against some things that we felt like were good bourbons and it held up to anything we put it up against,” Aldean says. “It’s a four-year aged bourbon and it’s got a little bit of a sweet taste. It’s smooth and a little smoky too. It’s really got a good flavor to it.”

“I think for guys for like me, Tyler, and BK, after a show or when you’re hanging out, we’re always entertaining people. In our business, it’s part of what you do,” he adds. “For us to have our name on something that we’re proud of that we can give to our friends or tell them about and want them to go try it, we want it to be something we’re proud of. This was that for us.”

The bourbon even got the stamp of approval from Aldean’s wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean, who supported herself through college as a bartender, according to her husband.

“She’s somebody that knows her drinks pretty well and she’s tried it,” he says. “It’s always good when the wife loves it.”

While Aldean may be new to the spirit industry, Kelley and Hubbard have been in the business since 2016 when they launched their Old Camp Whiskey. Now the self-proclaimed “whiskey lovers” are excited to expand their role in the market with Aldean.

“This has been a long time coming for the three of us,” Kelley and Hubbard tell PEOPLE. “We’ve made so many memories over a glass of whiskey, and knew that we wanted to create something special together. But, what we love the most is that now we can share Wolf Moon with our entire pack — our friends, family and fans everywhere.”

Wolf Moon is now available in select markets and on ReserveBar.com. It will soon be available nationally at a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750 ml bottle.