Jars by Dani Introduces a 'New Category of Dessert' for Delivery: Layered Ice Cream Cakes

Founder Dani Beckerman tells PEOPLE the new product is "part cake, part Jar, part ice cream sundae"

Jars By Dani cakes
Photo: Courtesy Jars By Dani

Jars by Dani is now more than just jars!

The e-commerce dessert company introduced ice cream cakes on Tuesday in honor of the brand's 10-year anniversary.

The Jars by Dani ice cream cakes — the brand's first new permanent product — feature the same multi-layered style of the original, best-selling cake jars. Each ice cream cake, which retails for $44 and ships nationwide, combines elements of ice cream sundaes and cake, and all three flavors are uniquely packed with delicious toppings and layers.

The new treats are packaged in decorated boxes (rather than the Mason jars that Jars by Dani desserts are known for) so customers can take a slice, package the box back up, and pop it in the freezer to save for later.

Jars By Dani cakes
Hallie Geller Photography

Chocolate fans will go crazy for the loaded cookie cake, which has layers of chocolate chip vanilla cake, cookie dough ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie batter, chocolate chunks, crumbled oreo, brownie chunks and whipped cream with cookie dough and mini chocolate chips on top.

The cake batter ice cream cake is ideal for classic cake lovers with its' funfetti cake, vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, cake batter, chunks of sugar cookies, and whipped cream.

Jars By Dani cakes
Courtesy Jars By Dani

Real strawberries make the strawberry shortcake ice cream cake a fresh-flavored choice. Pink vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, pink sprinkles, fresh strawberry filling, chunks of sugar cookies, and whipped cream are topped with a strawberry shortcake crumble in this option.

"This is truly a new category of dessert," founder Dani Beckerman tells PEOPLE. "Part cake, part Jar, part ice cream sundae. Share it, save it, love it!"

Beckerman started her N.Y.C.-based company by making and selling cake jars 10 years ago. The dessert guru created layered treats in Mason jars that combined more than just cake and frosting — each jar ($7.25 for 4 oz. or $11 for 8 oz.) features layers of brownie, sugar cookies, cakes, whipped creams, mousses and more toppings.

In 2019, Beckerman teamed up with Talenti on a limited-edition partnership that combined gelato and her cake jars, but her latest ice cream cakes are the first product that's here to stay in the brand's decade-long history.

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