August 02, 2017 12:29 PM

James Corden has a bone to pick with Gordon Ramsay.

Seven years ago, before Ramsay’s show The F Word made it’s way to America and was only shown in the U.K., the host of The Late Late Show was one of Ramsay’s guests. Well, on Tuesday night, the roles were reversed.

“I was on with my whole my family and when I was on, you made me eat something disgusting,” Corden tells Ramsay. “Do you remember this?”

Ramsay doesn’t recall promising Corden a complimentary dinner for his whole family at one his restaurants in exchange for Corden eating a fish eye—but luckily, the comedian’s parents were in the audience on Tuesday to remind him.

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“We’re still waiting,” says Corden’s father, Malcolm. “And Gordon, I know you got a nice restaurant in Hollywood and I’m free on Saturday night.”

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Of course Corden wasn’t going to let the British chef get away that easy. “I sort of thought… I think it’s payback time, Gordon. If you eat this, I will get you a slap-up meal at my restaurant on me, wine, everything,” Corden jokes before bringing out a small dish. “Gordon, it’s been seven years, eat the eye.”

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Watch the clip above to see if Ramsay can keep the delicacy down—just as Corden couldn’t do so many years ago.

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