Searches for Instant Pot’s Best-Selling Slow Cooker Have Skyrocketed Over 1,000% — Here’s Why

You can sous vide, roast, and bake in it, too
By Christina Butan
September 02, 2020 07:30 PM
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If you’ve been home more than ever these past few months, chances are you’ve spent more time in the kitchen (whether that entails making bread or expanding your barista skills). For this reason, many people have been investing in new kitchen appliances to try and mimic their favorite restaurant recipes or simply diversify their newfound cooking hobby. While it seemed like basically everyone was buying a dutch oven a few months ago, more recently the internet has moved on to obsessing over a different kitchen tool: the Instant Pot slow cooker.

The Aura 10-in-1 Slow Cooker is Instant Pot’s slow cooker version of its cult-favorite pressure cooker. This multifunctional slow cooker can be used to roast, make stews, sear and sauté, bake, and more. Over the past few weeks, Google has seen a significant spike in searches for the versatile appliance — over 1,000 percent more than usual, to be exact. The cooker has also zoomed to the top of two Amazon best-sellers charts (sous vide machines and yogurt makers), and hundreds of shoppers have nothing but good things to say about it.


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“Can't praise my 6-quart ceramic pot Aura enough. I've been using non-pressure multi-cookers on and off for over 10 years and they were good [but] this one is truly the best,” one shopper wrote. “I roasted a 3.5-pound chicken for 60 minutes and it turned out delicious with a somewhat crispy skin and no extra fat. I also own an [Instant Pot] pressure cooker and wanted this one for what a pressure cooker can't do. The Aura is pretty sturdy and the pot is truly non-stick with impressive ceramic coating. To me, this is a winner.”

While the regular Instant Pot has a slow cook setting, many shoppers  recommend purchasing an actual slow cooker like the Aura instead because it does a better job.

The best part? The Aura won’t heat up your kitchen like ovens tend to, and using it is completely hassle-free — just toss in whatever you’re making and let it work its magic. 

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