Ina Garten Says She Spends 'More Time Talking About Cocktails' Than 'Actually Drinking Them'

Back in April, the Barefoot Contessa star went viral after making a giant Cosmopolitan cocktail for an early morning happy hour

Ina Garten
Photo: Ina Garten/Instagram

Ina Garten may have a few iconic cocktails up her sleeve, but that doesn’t mean she’s a big drinker.

Although the Barefoot Contessa star went viral earlier this year making a giant Cosmopolitan for an early morning happy hour, Garten, 72, says she only has cocktails “once in a while.”

“I think I spend more time talking about cocktails than I do actually drinking them,” she recently told Page Six. “I have a little glass of wine and that’s basically all I need, and a cocktail once in a while.”

In a light-hearted Instagram post from April, Garten delighted fans by sharing her recipe for a very epic Cosmo, which she served in an enormous glass.

“During these stressful times, it’s really important to keep traditions alive. My favorite tradition is the cocktail hour,” Garten joked in the viral Instagram clip. “So I’m going to make you my favorite Cosmopolitan — and you probably have all the ingredients in your house.”

In addition to its generous portions of booze, Garten jokingly wrote in the caption that her "quarantini" — which she made at 9:30 a.m. — was only meant to serve one person.

Garten went on to share that she “had no idea” her giant cocktail would be such a hit.

“It was like a bomb exploded," she said during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, before revealing that the large martini glass she used in the video was something she already had on hand.

"It says something about my friends that they think I need a glass this size," she quipped.

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In addition to her viral video, Garten — who released her 12th cookbook, Modern Comfort Food, in October — has been helping her fans remain calm during the coronavirus pandemic by posting easy, comforting recipes almost every day on social media.

Of course, the online posts have also helped the Food Network star.

“It gave me a focus when we didn’t have one and connected me with people who were really struggling,” she told PEOPLE in September. “I think people liked that I kept it upbeat, even though we were all anxious.”

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