IHOP is celebrating like it's 1958.

By Ana Calderone
July 17, 2018 11:21 AM

IHOP is celebrating like it’s 1958.

The International House of Pancakes is offering a short stack of its original buttermilk pancakes for just 60 cents on Tuesday in honor of their 60th anniversary. The giveaway is going on from 7 am to 7 pm at participating restaurants nationwide.

The price of the three pancakes is not only synonymous with the restaurant’s milestone anniversary but is also “less than they cost in 1958,” the year the first IHOP was opened in Toluca Lake, California, according to a press release. There are now more than 1,750 franchised restaurants across the U.S., with 85 to 100 new restaurants planning to open in 2018.

Pancakes on National Pancake Day

IHOP made headlines last month when they debuted a new line of steak burgers, and to prove the chain was just as “serious about burgers as it is about its world-famous pancakes, it’s flipped the ‘p’ to a ‘b,’” effectively changing the name to IHOb, a spokesperson said in a statement. The company kept the name change on their Twitter account and other social media handles until July 9 when they went back to the basics.

The switch had people talking, including encouraging a number of hilarious reactions from other companies. Netflix tweeted, “brb changing my name to Netflib,” while White Castle poked fun by tweeting, “We are excited to announce that we will be switching our name to Pancake Castle.”