We know what we want for Valentine's Day

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated January 26, 2017 05:23 PM
Credit: Source: Kim Instagram

While we’re still reeling from the magical effects of rainbow bagels and raindrop cakes, a buzzy new craze is quickly taking over Instagram while simultaneously finding a place on our bucket lists.

Ice cream bouquets, the latest in almost-too-pretty-to-eat food trends, is a product of the Cauldron Ice Cream, an eatery on the west coast that specializes in an array of ice cream flavors from S’mores, Earl Grey Lavender to Vietnamese Coffee and Pineapple Express.

So, what makes this dessert so special? Aside from its unique flavor offerings and its spot-on resemblance to the Valentine’s Day gift staple, these ice cream bouquets are served inside the shop’s signature puffle cones, which themselves made the viral rounds last year.

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Those curious in trying ice cream bouquets/elevating their social media game will have to travel to Santa Ana, California (BRB, booking our flights right now) for the full experience, while the rest of us will continue to revel in the as they continue to roll in. Sigh.