Hungry Girl: My Guide to the Best Iced Coffees of the Summer

Iced coffee
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Iced coffee season is in full effect! Take a look at the biggest trends in iced coffee, plus some at-home tricks you’ve got to try.

Cold Brew Is Hot!

Starbucks’ Cold Brew Drinks
Cold-brew coffee rose to popularity in independent shops, due to its mellow flavor and reduced bitterness. Now, you can get it at the ‘Bucks for just about 5 calories (before sweetener and milk)! And Starbucks recently launched its Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew drink (sip a 16-oz. Grande for 110 calories). If you live in Seattle, try the test launch of the coffee chain’s Nitro Cold Brew: infused with nitrogen and served on tap!

Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew
Speaking of the slightly effervescent java known as nitro brew, you can score some without the assistance of a barista. Lucky Jack has a whole line of bottled nitro-infused coffees, with three 7-calorie options: plain (Old School), stevia sweetened (Lean Bean), and espresso boosted (Double Black). So good!

Cold-Brew Concentrates
From smaller sellers like the aforementioned Lucky Jack to grocery brands like Trader Joe’s, these just-add-water concentrates are everywhere. They’re generally unsweetened, but check the ingredients just to be sure. A bottle will last you many, many servings — good investment!

BIY (Brew It Yourself)

If you want to go beyond the standard “brew coffee, and let it cool” technique try the below options.

Keurig K-Cups Shortcut
If you have one of these machines handy, iced coffee is a snap. Brew your regular pod on the iced coffee or espresso setting, pour over a cup of ice, and voilà! No cool down required.

Coffee Ice Cubes
Freeze leftover brewed coffee in a standard ice-cube tray. Then just add a bunch to fresh coffee without worrying about watering down your brew. So simple; so smart!

Flavor It Up

Non-Dairy Creamers
There are some delicious, low-calorie creamers made from coconut and almond milk. I’m a fan of Califia Farms Better Half and So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamers; the unsweetened versions have around 10 calories per tablespoon. (Both brands are carrageenan free, FYI.) Big improvements from standard half-and-half!

Natural No-Calorie Sweeteners
Want to sweeten up your drink without adding calories or artificial ingredients? I recommend stevia-based sweeteners, like the kinds by Truvia, SweetLeaf, and Stevia In The Raw. HG tip: These are much sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way!

Flavored Extracts
Forget sugary beverage syrups – just stock up on multi-purpose extracts! They’re virtually calorie-free, and there are a bazillion options. Vanilla and almond are great, but the sky’s the limit. Maple, coconut…YUM.

‘Til next time… Chew (and sip) the right thing!

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