Cheese is delicious and while some are high in calories, there are ways to get your fix without overdoing it.

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Credit: Skinny Pop

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Cheese is delicious and while some are high in calories, there are ways to get your fix without overdoing it. I’ve tried a bunch, and these are some of my favorites:

Say yes to cheesy popcorn! Skinny Pop has several cheese-flavored varieties, but this one is my favorite. The cheddar flavor is right on, and it doesn’t stain your fingers orange like some competitors. And you can eat about 3 cups for just 140 calories. Hooray for high-volume snacks!

Credit: Snikiddy

Snikiddy’s beloved puffs are now certified organic! They come in Mac n’ Cheese and Grilled Cheese flavors; both are a little mild and a lot delicious. Enjoy a 1-oz. serving (about 1 to 2 cups) for just 140 to 150 calories, or find them in .75-oz. mini bags. They’re not just for kids, people!

Credit: Sargento

Sometimes there’s no substitute for real cheese, and when you want real cheese, Sargento is always a solid choice. These mini cheese sticks allow you to easily customize your snack size: Each piece has under 20 calories, and a full 7-piece serving has 110 to 120 calories. Try the Smokehouse Gouda, Garden Vegetable Jack, Colby-Pepper Jack, and Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar.


I’m crazy about the smooth tanginess that cream cheese adds to recipes, and I’m nuts for snacks with cream cheese flavor. These crisps are a middle ground between crackers and chips, and while all the varieties are amazing, this flavor is the hands-down favorite at Hungryland. (Pro tip: If you’re having trouble tracking them down in stores, check Amazon.) Eat 21 pieces for just 130 calories.

Credit: Snyder's of Hanover

Good flavor is wildly important, and smart nutritional stats mean a lot but a cute design is still a bonus! I love that these crackers look like holey cheese slices. The crunchy snacks come in Mild Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, and Swiss & Black Pepper. About 28 crackers for 120 to 130 calories!

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Credit: BelGioioso

More real cheese! Check this out: You get three balls of fresh mozzarella in a convenient, 70-calorie snack. Um, yes, please! This is the perfect sidekick for some fresh fruit; your afternoon snack will feel so classy. Find them stocked with the fancy cheeses at your local grocery store.

Credit: Grainful

If you keep a box or two of dried mac ‘n cheese mix in your pantry just in case, you’re gonna want to upgrade. This savory oat mix is kind of miraculous; it tastes like macaroni & cheese crossed with risotto and has the nutritional benefits of oatmeal. (Hello, fiber.) How great is that?! Stock up ASAP. (It’s in select stores, but readily available on Amazon.) I love this with some steamed broccoli and cooked chicken for a complete meal!

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Credit: Daiya

Finally, this is one of the best non-dairy cheeses I’ve tried in a while. Daiya’s slices are ideal for melting, and I flipped when I tasted this delicious American cheese swap. If you’re vegan (or just cutting down on dairy), gooey grilled cheese is back on the menu.

‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!