Hungry Girl: How to Make a Healthy Big Mac at Home


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There’s no denying it — the Big Mac is a classic. However, with many of us staying away from excess calories and starchy carbs these days, a burger with an extra bun half in the middle feels pretty archaic. That’s probably one of the main reasons McDonald’s released the Mac Jr. — a limited-time, downsized version of the original. Unfortunately, the smaller burger will still cost you 460 calories and 27g of fat!

I knew I could make this one over and save loads of calories in the process, and that’s exactly what I did. Bonus: Mine’s vegetarian friendly!

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Hungry Mac ‘Bella Jr.

1 tbsp. light Thousand Island dressing
1 tsp. finely minced onion
⅛ tsp. granulated white sugar
⅛ tsp. white wine vinegar

1 portabella mushroom cap (stem removed)
One 100-calorie flat sandwich bun
1 slice reduced-fat cheddar cheese
3 hamburger dill pickle chips
1 tbsp. diced onion
¼ cup shredded lettuce

1. In a small bowl, thoroughly mix sauce ingredients.

2. Bring a skillet sprayed with nonstick spray to medium-high heat. Place mushroom cap in the skillet, rounded side down. Cover and cook until soft, about 4 minutes per side. Blot away excess moisture.

3. Spread half of the sauce on the bottom bun. Top with mushroom cap, cheese, pickles, onion, and lettuce.

4. Spread remaining sauce on the top bun, and place it on the sandwich, sauce side down.

Serves: 1
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes

Nutritional information: 234 calories, 7g total fat (2.5g sat fat), 627mg sodium, 33g carbs, 7.5g fiber, 8.5g sugars, 14g protein

‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

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