By Lisa Lillien
Updated July 26, 2016 12:11 PM
Aquafina; Inset: Lisa Lillien

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Conventional pop is so passé — keep the bubbles, but ditch the excess sugar! These picks are lightly sweetened or not sweet at all. How refreshing…

Spindrift Seltzer
The great thing about this fizzy H2O? It’s flavored with just a touch of real juice like grapefruit, cucumber, lemon, blackberry, watermelon or raspberry lime. It’s enough for a hint of fresh taste with hardly any calories: 0-15 per can!

Dasani Sparkling
Crisp, simple and naturally flavored, this sparkling water is fizzy perfection. I especially love the flavors, which range from classic Lemon to Tropical Pineapple. Plus, they’re calorie-free!

Nestlé Pure Life Exotics Sparkling Water
If you need flavors that are a bit off the beaten path, here are some fun options: Tangerine, Key Lime, Strawberry Dragonfruit, and Mango Peach Pineapple. YUM. Free of calories, colors and sweeteners. Yay!

Aquafina Sparkling
Craving a hint of sweetness? This is your drink. The 10-calorie sparkling sipper contains a pinch of real fair-trade-certified sugar, plus natural flavors. What type of flavors, you ask? Lemon Lime, Orange Grapefruit, and Black Cherry Dragonfruit! Consider this line the training wheels to get you off sweet soda.

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LaCroix Natural Pure Sparkling Water
This line has been around forever, but it now comes in so many varieties, including the Cúrate line with flavors like Kiwi Sandia (kiwi watermelon), Piña Fraise (pineapple strawberry) and Muré Pepino (blackberry cucumber). They’re nothing but carbonated water and natural flavor. Hooray for that!

This is technically cold-pressed watermelon juice, but it’s a lot lighter than conventional juices. A 12-oz. bottle has about 90 calories. It’s got a similar sugar and electrolyte content to coconut water but with a vitamin C boost!

‘Til next time… Chew (and sip!) the right thing!