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November 14, 2014 04:24 PM

Courtesy Courtesy Hugh Jackman

How committed is Hugh Jackman to his craft? So much so that he is willing to forgo a plate of delicious desserts in order to maintain his muscular physique.

Jackman – who is preparing to film the X-Men and Wolverine sequels, in which his character is famously super buff – Instagrammed a photo of himself, mouth agape leaning over two large slices of cake and a scoop of ice cream. He captioned the photo: “Awesome lunch ‘meeting’ at Milos in NYC” and playfully referencing the plate of goodies wrote, “Just Looking.”

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Now that’s will power.

We can only guess that his lunch at the Manhattan restaurant was as protein-packed and carb-less as his other N.Y.C. lunch outing. (Jackman is currently in the city for his Broadway show, The River).

And, Jackman is documenting more than just his strict diet. In the last week, the star posted photos and video of his workouts. To bulk up, his routine has consisted of deadlifts of 435 lbs., bench press moves which he calls “Skull Crushers,” and other arm and back exercises.

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All in all, unless you are prepping to be Wolverine, do not try this at home.

–Michelle Ward

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