Hugh Jackman/Instagram
Jessica Fecteau
April 20, 2017 03:17 PM

As if Hugh Jackman wasn’t dreamy enough, he’s now making hearts swoon by showing off his baking skills in the kitchen.

The actor, who recently posted a shot of him with his mom Grace making cashew-nut flapjacks, shared her recipe for “Hughby’s Favorite Crème Caramel” on Instagram on Thursday. The handwritten recipe features the ingredients, instructions and a sweet quote at the end that says, “Cooking is an act of love.”

It seems Jackman got to work right after, sharing a photo of the finished product just an hour later.

To make it yourself at home, find the complete recipe below!

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Hugh Jackman’s Favorite Crème Caramel

6 tbsp. sugar
6 tbsp. water
6 eggs
3 level tbsp. vanilla sugar
1 pt. whole milk
½ pt. cream

1. Make caramel by heating sugar and water in a small pan until it caramelizes. Pour into a 2 ½ pint souffle dish and quickly swirl it around the bottom and sides.

2. Beat eggs and sugar together. Stir in heated milk and the cream. Pour into dish. Stand the dish in a roasting tin with cold water. Bake at 320°F until the custard is set — at least an hour. Cool. Chill in the fridge.

3. Run a knife around the inside edge and turn out into a serving dish.

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