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Consider your contribution to the Labor Day festivities handled.

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, is using his pedigree for the greater good of teaching you how to impress and/or spook your friends at your next cookout with this trick for perfectly “skinning” a watermelon.

Emphasis on trick here because, despite what your eyes may be telling you, that’s actually notthe same watermelon.

In his step-by-step instructional video, Rober shows the method to his madness, and it’s more obvious than you’d think: All you need is two similarly-sized watermelons, a knife, a dish-scrubbing pad (yes, really), and a spoon. We’ll let him take it from here.

This is the second time Rober has demonstrated how to transform a watermelon: In a previous viral video of his, he uses a wire coat hanger and a drill to make an adorable if, a little bit creepy (his words) one-ingredient slushie straight out of the fruit.

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