Move over, charcuterie boards

By Madison Roberts
June 03, 2021 04:29 PM
S'mores board
Credit: Getty

Charcuterie boards, step aside: S'mores boards are here to set the summer on fire.

Made with the usual suspects of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, these boards are taking over Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok ahead of summer. They don't involve much of a hassle to create, and they are kid-friendly!

People have gotten incredibly creative with their s'mores board toppings, adding everything from fruit to pretzels to Reese Cups. Some of the best #smoresboard images on Instagram involve packing everything onto the cutting board in a pattern as closely together as possible.

For example, Instagram user @gourmetgirlpersonalchef in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania created a Memorial Day board with Air Heads, Reese Cups, Rice Krispy Treats and two different kinds of chocolate, as well as a chocolate dipping sauce. For those looking to skip out on assembling their own boards, she sold them pre-packaged at a local shop.

Other Instagram users have showed off their own board creations on their own accounts, serving up inspiration for those looking to try the trend at home. The sky is truly the limit when picking out ingredients, as some people have added wafter cookies, pretzels, brownies and even homemade s'mores dip in a skillet to their displays.

Here are some of our favorite versions of S'mores boards we've seen on social media:

If you're looking to hop in on the trend this summer but don't have a fire pit, this is a fun way to elevate your S'mores without having to roast the marshmallows and play around with different combinations.