November 08, 2016 03:40 PM

High turnout at the polls today has meant long wait times, meaning lots of standing around — and lots of time to get hungry.

But one service, aptly named Pizza to the Polls, is looking to ease those hunger pangs tonight. Voters are encouraged to use the website, which is fueled by $10 donations, to send pizza pies to voters stuck in long lines at the polls.

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So far, Pizza to the Polls has sent pizzas to locations in Miami, Chicago and Cincinnati, among other cities. And in case you doubted its success, the service reportedly raised a total of $30,000 (which translates to roughly 1,076 pizzas) as of Tuesday afternoon — with any money that is leftover post-election to be donated to a yet-to-be-named charity.

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If this year’s candidates weren’t enough motivation for you to vote, free pizza might just do the trick.

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