By peoplestaff225
Updated February 04, 2014 04:56 PM

You can rest easy. All of your worst fears about McDonald’s chicken McNuggets, alas, are not true. They don’t grind up an entire chicken — meaning no beaks, no claws, no bones — and as for that pink goop myth? Well, it’s left to folklore.

In a new video series released by McDonald’s Canada, factory workers take viewers on a tour of the factory to show just how chicken McNuggets are really made. But vegetarians beware, it’s still not appetizing to look at.

First the chickens get deboned before the meat gets thrown into a grinder where it’s then blended with seasoning and chicken skin and turned into a vault of brown goop. From there, the mixture get portioned into perfectly cut McNugget shapes, covered in a double layer of batter and tempura (double the crunch!), par-fried, frozen and packaged up to get shipped off to stores for consumption.

Bon appetite, McDonald’s lovers!

—Laura Lane

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